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CorelDraw Training Institute in Rohini

CorelDraw - (Special / Digital Photography / Advance)


The CorelDraw is a program for creating drawings with vectors, i.e., straight with direction, direction and length. It is widely used by designers to make illustrations and assemble various layouts as it provides a wide range of features, some of which will be presented below.

  • It is multipagina, it seems nothing, but believe me it is very useful, but when its rival illustrator despite being so powerful does not support multipagina.
  • It always comes in English, it is very useful to have a design program with English versions when the other companies pay little attention to the Hispanic market.
  • We are one of best photoshop training provider.
  • Just as you install it on a PC as on a Mac and it is even one of the few commercial programs that can be installed under Linux.
  • It is compatible with other design programs such as illustrator, giving you the advantage of being able to import a file from these without any problem.

So join corel draw course and make good career.


  • Tools and Workspace
  • Image editing
  • Selection techniques
  • Color Correction
  • Production tips and tricks
  • Using Bridge with Photoshop
  • Painting and Retouching
  • Layers and Masking

CorelDraw – Course Contents

Module 1: Various file formats

  • File formats for web (RGB - Red, Green Blue)
  • File formats for printing (CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)

Module 2: Corel Draw learning tools

  • Interactive blend tools
  • Interactive contour tool
  • Interactive distortion tool
  • Interactive drop shadow tool
  • CorelDraw shapes
  • Star tool
  • Crop tool
  • Eraser tool
  • Knife tool
  • Interactive fill tool
  • Complex star tool
  • Spiral tool
  • Graph paper tool
  • Interactive transparency tool
  • Interactive extrude tool
  • Interactive envelope tool

Module 3: Corel Basics

  • Pick tool - Move
  • Pick tool - Skew
  • Pick tool - Resize
  • Corel text basics
  • Simple wireframe
  • Wireframe
  • Behind / in front of
  • Preview selected preview
  • Zoom selected
  • Fit in window
  • Zoom all
  • Basics graphics terms - ungroup
  • Guidelines details
  • Guidelines
  • Outline
  • Fill colour
  • Fountain fill
  • Corel fill types
  • Angle & edge pad - Fountain fill
  • Duplicate
  • Select within group
  • Corel text fill
  • Import
  • Draft Combine
  • Group
  • Combine & group
  • Oder / Forward / Black one

Module 4: Corel Techniques

  • Shaping basics
  • Weld
  • Weld to
  • Weld to - target, source object
  • Simplify
  • Trim
  • Front minus back
  • Intersect
  • Back minus front

Module 5: Corel Draw basics effects

  • Fit text to path basic
  • Fit text to path intermediate
  • Fit text to path advanced
  • Removing text path basic
  • Removing text path intermediate
  • Blend rotation
  • Add respective basic
  • Add respective shape
  • Blend different shapes
  • Colour blending
  • Blend steps
  • Using power clips

Module 6: Artistic effects

  • Sunset
  • Chess board
  • Explode
  • Making precious stones
  • Making rings
  • Fashion designing
  • Extrude project
  • Pendant
  • Simple web buttons
  • Page curl

Module 7: Corel Draw text effects

  • Cracked text effect
  • Combine effect
  • Shadows
  • Big text
  • Ray effect
  • Drop shadow
  • Line text
  • Sliced text
  • Contour effect
  • Grid effect
  • Adding effect

Module 8: Design, Layout and photos

  • Create beautiful bevels
  • Tips for designing newsletter layouts
  • How to create a newsletter
  • Create perfect photo composites with the cutout lab
  • Top 5 photo fixes using Corel photo-paint
  • Tracing with Coreltrace

Module 9: Extra - CorelDraw workspace Tour

Module 10: Extra - Creating a logo

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Why Join Us?

  • Successfully trained and placed 3000+ students
  • Classrooms and Labs are equipped with high-end equipment’s and technologies
  • Training is delivered by experienced faculty several years of industry experience
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  • 7+ years Experienced Faculty
  • Dedicate placement portal

Learning Methodology

  • Interactive Learning and opportunity to work on Live Projects
  • Latest and comprehensive study material
  • Unlimited practice hours in lab
  • Access to design events
  • Flexible training modes are available to suit your requirement
  • Industry recognized certificate and diploma after completion of course
  • Support in resume making, interview preparation, and portfolio development
  • Provides placement assistance to all students across the country
  • Lifelong technology/ software related support

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